Dan and Carleen

Dan and Carleen have been married for thirty years.

Dan was a professional footballer and Carleen a business owner.

Together they started flipping houses back in the 80’s in Perth.

They also raised three boys and were fortunate enough to be able to be a part of their junior sports, school activities and pastimes.

Dan and Carleen have always had a passion for the South West and love its uniqueness beauty and lifestyle and decided to buy a holiday home in Abbey.

Having been successful in coaching football, raising a family, running businesses, renovating homes and personal styling they decided to really challenge themselves in 2016 and auditioned for and where successful in being chosen as contestants for Chanel Nine’s “The Block”.

Now living and enjoying a lifestyle in the South West Dan and Carleen are in a position to share their knowledge & experiences and show others how to make the best of their space.

Let Dan and Carleen show you how to look good with style!


Styling It!

Dan Foley | 0419 906 929


Carleen Foley | 0417 170 863